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About Us:

Founded in April 1996, Sunset Valley Flowers has been producing and exporting quality roses throughout the world to countries such as The United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Holland, Russia, Portugal and Ukraine. We are located in the Cayambe area, roughly 50 miles northeast of Ecuador's capital. Nestled within the valleys of the country's volcanic mountains and just minutes from the Ecuator, Sunset Valley Flowers is positioned to produce some of the finest roses in the world. With approximately 21 acres of greenhouses planted, we have over 40 varieties in production and are continuously adding new ones.

Our company has invested heavily in new technology, providing us with the tools necessary for producing superior quality roses.

General Information:

Farm location: Cayambe valley - Ecuador
Production area: 8.3 hectares (20.75 acres aprox.)
Number of rose bushes: 70,000 bushes per hectar
Productivity: 1.0 rose per bush per month
Monthly production: 581,000 roses per month
Yearly production: 6.9 millon stems per year
Greenhouse structure: Metal
Elevation: 2,800 mts above seal level
Water sources: Underground irrigation from the waters of the Cayambe volcano.

Mission statement:

To transfer our knowledge and expertise in agriculture to the creation of the highest quality roses in the world. We are dedicated to the research and development of the newest technology to constantly ensure our premiere product. We promote and build relationships based on reciprocity with you as our top priority.